Job Description:
Senior Java Developer


Do you want to be part of a team developing the new promotion and distribution system for the music industry, powering the digital distribution of thousands of musicians, bands and record labels from all around the world?

Mubito ( is building a world-class development team, based in various locations in Europe including Sweden and Ukraine, and needs Java software developers to help build and improve its platform. Java Developers design and build the business logic and system level components of our platform supporting website creation, portlet technology, streaming media, media conversion, community, advertising, affiliate products, billing and e-commerce functionalities.

Mubito offers excellent benefits for the right people, including great working conditions, competitive salary, flexible working hours, work-based travel and a share options program. This is a highly attractive opportunity for motivated people driven by the prospect of fast progression. The workspace and business area is cutting-edge.

Role and Responsibilities

Senior Java Developers will join a team that will expand our media and music
platform. Our product is based upon BEA Portal technology with a full custom CMS and E-business back-end. The system is entirely built in Java using Hibernate, Spring and Beehive frameworks. The Weblogic application server is supported by an SQL server database.

This online solution will support severals thousands of websites and tens of millions of end users on a wide variety of platforms and browsers. The service will provide 99.95% availability. Touchplay development processes are mostly based on Agile.

Java Developers design and build the business logic and system level components of our platform. You will be responsible for design, development, test and debug of Java code in our platform and new feature development.

As a Senior Java Developer you will additionally be responsible for the architecture of our new developments. With your strong expertise in Java Web solutions you will manage and develop highly strategical projects such as Cache system, or multi hosted applications which worldwide deployment. You will be the guardian of the code quality and will raise the competence level of the development team.

Mubito high-level projects

Additionally, you will be responsible for leading strategic projects to tune and further develop the platform. Some examples of these projects are:

Caching system

This project covers the whole cache system development from design and
architecture to development and deployment. The cache system will come above the cache layer of BEA 10 portal, which is out of box and also to handle the products in our shop.

Globalisation, hosting and scalability

This project concerns the product life-cycle and will involve some deep modifications of the platform at first and then become a background task. With a large growth in traffic forecast on the platform, this project will have to anticipate and secure the load on our platform.
Scalability may involve additional projects such as multi-hosting (geographical hosting), database migration and multi-synchronisation to handle multi hosting from SOL Server to Oracle cluster, clustering of the current platform and so on.

Affiliate platform

This project involves the design, architecture and build of a new platform synchronised on the Touchplay network sales to populate information and provide a strong service of affiliate products to Touchplay network sites and future third party product and retail partners.
This project also requires the integration of one or few digital music aggregators with the Touchplay music platform and affiliate platform to allow our licensees or professional clients to access and sell a large catalogue of music products through their shops, including sales reporting and traffic statistics features.

Skills and expertise
Senior Java Developers must have had experience working with BEA Weblogic and with Portal is a plus.
You should have experience from development of e-business solutions (shopping solution and online payment).
You should also have experience working with the latest front-end technologies and to be up to date with Ajax, scriptaculous, Yahoo UI, Dojo, Prototype or similar frameworks.
A previous experience with Portlets is welcome, and a good expertise on other webservers such as Jboss is a plus.

You must have experience in the following areas:
J2EE: servlets, JSP, EJB, JMS
Struts, JSF, Swing
JUnit, Ant
Application server: BEA weblogic, IBM websphere, Jboss.
Database : Oracle expertise is mandatory, SQL server.

You should have experience using the following (or similar) tools:
Cvs, Maven
Bug tracking system (Scarab)

Optional experience that is used by subject matter experts:
e-payment gateway

You should have a strong internet project background rather than software
development, and must have excellent skills in both written and spoken English.

Educational qualifications

MS/BS degree in Computer Science or similar is preferred, although we consider professionals who have proven their competence in professional settings.

Is the job for you?
We value people who take responsibility and lead by example. You should enjoy working as part of a team, and solving problems in a team. We encourage flexible working hours, as long as the team succeeds. Touchplay is a new company, still in start-up mode and therefore the work is occasionally difficult and sometimes long hours are required.

You may be based either in Malmo (Sweden) or Kiev (Ukraine). For Senior Developers, some travel should be expected.

Apply now
To apply, send your CV and a cover letter addressing the specific requirements of this role to Dr.Larisa Varenikova (Project Coordinator)
e-mail is