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13.06.2011 в 01:04 (1108 Просмотров)
Цей стьоб вже мабуть всі бачили, але ж не на пустому місці він виник?..

Мабуть не зрозуміти нам оззі, не побувавши у нижній частині планети.

Ось ще маю наглість скопіпастити у ABCNews таку статтю.
(срамота-то какая! - під катом)
Dung-throwing challenge to set men apart from the boys

One of the Northern Territory's most colourful carnivals begins in Alice Springs today with the racing of the Camel Cup, which incorporates the inaugural camel dung-throwing competition.

The carnival attracts about 5,000 spectators who are all eligible to enter the Mr or Miss Camel Cup competition.

But the men are being warned they will be required to prove themselves in the camel dung-throwing competition.

The event will also include the "Honeymoon Handicap".

One of the organisers, Damien Hanger, says a jockey dressed as a groom races a camel around the track in search of a bride in the crowd.

"What's interesting is that some of the brides are some pretty interesting looking brides - I'm not sure if they really are of the female variety but they are dressed as brides," Mr Hanger said.

Mr Hanger explains how they came up with the challenge.

"I think it was someone in one of our I suppose after-work sessions where a few beers and wines had been had and for some reason, that seemed to entertain us and amuse us."

Meanwhile, Mr Hanger says at last count 30 camels are vying for the coveted title of the "Prettiest Camel".

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